Hello , if you're reading this I hope your day or evening is going well.Naturally I enjoy fine art and beautiful things which is why Im currently studying Artistry and fashion design . Iniatially it is the beauty that the eye captures which sets the precedent for what is to come , after that the mind has to decipher whether you are appealing or not. I try my best to have my personality to appear front and center because anyone can offer physical attractiveness , however not everyone offers the experience you seek. I am physically fit and wellness is apart of my daily routine . I stand at 5'8 115lbs with natural d cup breast and mile long legs.I thrive from comfortable vibes and I appreciate serenity . As I've mentioned before I am currently enrolled in school , I'm career driven and I've also done quite a bit of modeling . History happens to be my favorite subject and i am always up for a good healthy debate , everyone always jokingly says I shouldve been a lawyer. I'm the type of women where you can let your guard down ,relax , take a load off , be whatever you want just be yourself and I will respect and enjoy our time together.


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published by: ArryannaEvanka

published: 2015-06-11